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Finnur Þ. Gunnþórsson is a course and workshop leader, an ICF coach, an IAPCH certified conversational hypnotherapist along side having top level business education.

He is passionate about YOU doing well as an individual and also for groups of people having giving and productive interactions.

Finnur uses coaching based methodologies: Coaching is a special discipline with the main aim of helping a person utilize their own resources and take action. This differs from consulting where the consultant gives advice. In coaching the person being coached is supported in applying themselves to find their solutions. This is a method of empowerment.

Coaching is based on listening with awareness of underlying emotional drivers and needs, hopes and longings. When coaching it is important to ask in a way that opens up the inner resources of the individual, affirming the persons abilities and strength.

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Workshops, conferences, events and courses: Does the group need training to deal better with interactions under pressure? Are definitions and freedom important? Does the group thrive on being authentic based on dignity and real values?

Public Speaking

For your group:

Do you need a public speaker to motivate people - would you like Finnur to show up? He is a versatile communication machine that helps people feel better about themselves and their possibilities.

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Do you want to have more confidence in your ability to talk in front of groups?

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Organize a movement !

Do you need help in organizing a movement based on personal interest and emotional drive of the individuals involved? Or even in shaking things a bit up in your organizational structure?

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Courses and coaching for human beings. Are you one?


Finnur is sincere and honest in communication. He works hard and is motivating. He works well with groups and pulls the best out of people. I support him wholeheartedly
— Gissur Gunnarsson Media Production Professional
My interactions with Finnur have been most good. His education is very broad, he is multi talented, intelligent and fun. It is easy for him to inspire solutions to problems.
— Gunnar Rafn Jónsson, MD.
Finnur was one of ten select moderators at our conference “A Congress On Iceland’s Democracy” - hosted by the California Constitution Center; BerkeleyLaw the University of California in June 2017
— Eileen Jerrett
With confidence I can say that the knowledge and approach of Finnur helped me in a short time to find something that I did not dare for a long time. The main thing for me is the sincerity in a person and the making of help, it’s these qualities that Finnur has. Thank you very much for your help !
— Maxim Petrov - dance teacher and competitor -

The premise

The premise is you !

Your experiences and your knowledge

Even your subconscious knowledge will show up and your positive emotional resources.

The same goes for the group. The premise is the people who are there !