About Finnur

Finnur was brought up in Iceland, an island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

After secondary school he moved to Denmark where he lived for some years while gaining an education in CBS Copenhagen at The Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy. From there he earned a BSc. in International Business and a MSc. in Economics and Business Administration.

He also enjoyed beautiful semesters in Estonia and France. Studying in the ESB Tallinn Estonia and ESC Grenoble, France; wherefrom he has a PgCert in International Business.

He specialized in marketing and management, soon to see that he didn't like to manipulate people. He in fact became passionate about personal empowerment.

After returning to Iceland in 2006 Finnur was employed by the Hafnarfjordur municipality in continuous education. 

His main responsibility became motivation of groups of unemployed people. That project started an unforeseen adventure a couple of years later due to a country-wide bank system crash in 2008. Thousands of people became unemployed in a few months time in a nation of only 350.000 people. 

Finnur, at the time working with the Directorate of Labor and other official bodies, took over honing methodology for easing the emotional load and other consequences of unemployment.

Most of the courses became very successful.

Finnur applied the ideas of happiness research, positive psychology and the work of Dr. Lawrence Leshan based on his own unique research and blend when selecting facilitators and colaboring with them or when facilitating the groups himself.

This experience you can benefit from.

As a part of this work he learned coaching and is a certified member of the International Coaching Federation.

Finnur on top of Esja a mountain that “protects” Reykjavík - Iceland’s capital

Finnur on top of Esja a mountain that “protects” Reykjavík - Iceland’s capital

Sociocultural activity


From 2014 to 2016 Finnur was involved in politics after having been asked to join a then new movement the Icelandic Pirate Party.

The movement grew beyond wildest dreams. Many factors lead to the party having a historical momentum.

All of a sudden Finnur found himself running third on a list for municipality elections in 2014 and then to be voted in to the position of the Chairman of the Executive Committee the most influential position of the party not inside of the parliament.

While in that position he was busy creating much of the party's internal structure, training people and dealing with interpersonal issues of the participants and was appreciated by the multitude then interested in the work.

He also influenced the party’s take on education, mental health and other present issues with the group.

For a while the party's following in polls had grown from 3,5 % to over 30% but in elections 2016 the party ended up with 14,5% of the votes which was a tremendous result.

The party is still one of the larger ones in the Icelandic Parliament. 

Staying true to his own values Finnur left the party soon after the 2016 elections as he was sure that some of its leading members had betrayed the parties principles of of tolerance for opinion diversity and regarding democratic conduct.

Finnur was featured in two documentaries because of his work in Icelandic politics.

The Price of Fairness by Alex Gabbay  


The People’s Spring where he was interviewed by Ryslaine Boumahdi.

He has as well been interviewed by various local and international media as the Los Angeles Times, and Liberation in France.

Other cultural activity

Finnur has also been in numerous interviews not connected with politics in radio discussing as various topics as emotional health, fitness, national holidays, love and business.

He has written articles on culture, mental health, education, the fishing quota system and various other sociocultural issues published in local and national newspapers in Iceland.

Nowadays Finnur applies himself to a variety of things. All aimed to empower people in their relations and connections with themselves and others.

Do you want to apply empowerment?

Do you want the connections of your group to be better?

Are you concerned about…?

What will happen after you have started to work with Finnur?