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Coaching of individuals

Coaching history is based on a long tradition of one person motivating another to find drive for action through both logic and emotional factors. What distinguishes it is the absence of taking the responsibility from the person seeking the coaching - not enforcing advice or frameworks onto another but trusting in the dynamics of interaction by listening and questioning in a way that supports, motivates and strengthens the one being coached. Coaching as it is in modern times appeared from the interaction of different cultures and values in the USA. 


A conversation for you

Modern research throws light on really how connected we human beings can be or we really are. It is amazing what can emerge out of the process when the conversation really, really is focused for you!





Difficulty and success

There is trouble in life, but you can overcome it. Don't just hope for the best, take proactive action. Better your environment for yourself and others!

Group coaching

From groups of two people to complex communities of practice. If you are a group and you want support for your mutual understandings, outlook and achievement. I can be there for you.




Do you have thunderstorms in your group?
   THEN maybe we will need to go deeper to reach common definitions of the most basic of words and feelings. Do you agree on what honesty is? Do you really agree on what you so far think you agree on? Are you stuck together? OR free together? What do you really wish for? 

Best done in person. If I am free to travel we can see where I can help your group or company.



If you have just had a trauma or realized you had one coaching is not the tool to help you heal that. Professional psychologists are there for you for that. While you are seeking help for a trauma elsewhere coaching can help you fortify your own voice to yourself, to find increased strength and resolve with what you are doing and what you wish for. When you have had the help you need I can assist you some more. Coaching and other methods I use with you will help!